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ReadyMan Live -Urban Winter Survival with a Summer Survival Kit

On this live feed, we take a jungle survival kit and find ways to use it for urban winter survival.

ReadyMan Live – 10 Deadly Bug Out Bag Mistakes

On this Live show, we go over 10 common mistakes that people make when building their bug out bags

ReadyMan Live – Wood Burning with Microwave Lightning

We bring in a licensed Electrician to help us take apart a microwave and use its step-up transformer to burn wood with electricity.

ReadyMan Live – Disaster Preparedness Checklist

In this special Live Feed, we go over the 6 Essential Items you should have on hand in the event of a disaster. We also go over the items you...

The New Bug-Out Bag Builder

It's here. The Bug Out Bag Builder. We've been working on this for a while, and are ready to show it off to you guys!

ReadyMan Live – Medieval Combat

We brought in Amy Graham, captain of the U.S Broadswords team and international competitor in medieval combat, to show us some weapons and techniques.

How to Make Fire Using a Bow Drill

The bow drill is a great tool to get started in making friction fires. Mastering this technique will allow you to make a fire virtually anywhere in the world. While...

ReadyMan Live – CQB Without Bullets

28 year Special Forces veteran and former Green Beret, Jeff Kirkham, shows how to train for CQB in your home, without using bullets. With nothing but a plastic gun, you...

ReadyMan Live – Stopping Active Shooter Bullets

Dave Acosta of YouTactical joins us again, along with Tim Evancich, to bring you some more information on stopping/surviving an active shooter.

ReadyMan Live – Forging a Knife

Tonight's guest, Charly Mann of MannMadeKnives, goes over the basics of forging knives and shows off some of his DIY blacksmithing equipment

ReadyMan Live – Bomb Dogs

We bring on Belle and her owner Sam, to demonstrate a bomb dog at work. We planted several "explosives around the BRCC/Readyman Compound to put her skills to the test....

ReadyMan Live – Mystic Martial Arts

MMA Legend Jeremy Horn joins us to break down some popular videos that showcase Mystic Martial Arts being practiced in the real world.

ReadyMan Live – What Is The ReadyMan Challenge?

We sit down with Jason, Rory, and Josh to go over previous ReadyMan Challenges and announce a new upcoming ReadyMan Challenge!

ReadyMan Live – No ReadyMan Should Ever Drown

No ReadyMan should ever die of drowning. In this video, Jeff and Jason go over some swimming and water survival basics with Special Guest, Jess Hofherr

ReadyMan Live – DIY “Fuel”

One of the most valuable resources in a long-term SHTF scenario is fuel. In this live show, we bring in our friend Dave to show us how to distill alcohol...

ManHacks: DIY Mace

Here's a badass ManHack on how to make a DIY Mace out of a steel axle and a shot put

Sixty Second Self Defense – Back Escape

This video covers someone grabbing you from behind. Jeff and Josh demonstrate some back escape techniques which can also be used when standing, as well.

ReadyMan Q&A – Myths About Prepper Ammo Rounds

In this Live Q&A show, Jeff Kirkham and Jason Ross break down some of the myths regarding popular ammo rounds for preppers

Scout Skills: Camping Badge Requirements – Tips, Tricks, and Discussion

Tyler White goes over some tips and tricks for meeting the Camping Badge requirements

Cornerstone Survival School – Ferro Rod Maintenance

Josh Enyart goes over basic ferro rod maintenance to ensure that you're getting the most amount of burning material down to your tinder pile