Wilderness Survival

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One-Handed Ferro Rod Techniques for the Injured Survivor

This video features Josh Enyart of Cornerstone Survival School, demonstrating one-handed ferro rod techniques for the injured survivor.

Tyler White – Wilderness Survival

Simply put, survival is just the act of not dying. However, there are many ways in which this can be accomplished, and Tyler White shows a few in this video

Minimalist Desert EDC Carry Solutions

Tyler White was recently out in the American Southwest camping for a few days. In this video, he shows the Desert EDC that he used.

Primitive Skills Panel Interview at PrepperCon 2017

Interviewing Nicole and Alan from Alone season 1 and 2, alongside Dave Wescott, and Dave Holladay at PrepperCon 2017

Member Submissions: 3 Pig Snares and How to Set Them

ReadyMan Members Robert Tyler and Shane Roberts sent in this video showing how to set 3 different kinds of pig snares

Fire Making – Match

Down to your last match? Make it count using these tips from Bushcraft Expert, Tyler White.

Fire Making with a Fire Piston

Tyler White goes over how to make a fire using a fire piston

The Finer Points of Fire Making with a Fero Rod

Tyler White goes over some of the finer points of using a fero rod and how to help direct the spark and a fire.

Fire Making with Flint and Steel

In this video, Tyler White shows how to make a fire using flint and steel, along with a little bit of char-cloth to help catch the spark.

Preventing Hypothermia

Bushcraft specialist Tyler White and Ecologist Braden Harter, go over the signs and symptoms of hypothermia and ways to help prevent and treat it.

Winter Survival – Top 4 Movements to Keep Warm

Staying warm in frigid conditions is paramount to surviving in the outdoors. In addition to fire and shelter, getting up and moving is a great way to raise your body...

Winter Survival – Emergency Fire Making in the Backcountry

What do you do for fire if you don't have a lighter or other fire making tool? Tyler White will show you how with just a knife and a shoelace.