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READYMAN LIVE RAPID-FIRE Q&A: Civilian Self Defense: 3 Levels To A Solid Foundation In Hand To Hand

SEPTEMBER 2015 In this READYMAN LIVE RAPID-FIRE Q&A we covered: Civilian Self Defense - 3 Levels To A Solid Foundation In Hand To Hand. Also - Chad and Eric showed off...

READYMAN LIVE RAPID-FIRE Q&A: 3 Key Tactics For Mob/Riot Self Defense

AUGUST 2015 We’ll be covering: - Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD - 3 Key Tactics For Mob/Riot Self Defense - Carjacking - Attention members with prepper gardening skills, tune in and...

READYMAN LIVE RAPID-FIRE Q&A: Water Rights After The Collapse

JUNE 2015 READYMAN Chad Wade, Navy SEAL, discusses: Water Rights After The Collapse: 3 Things You Need To Know About Water

READYMAN LIVE RAPID-FIRE Q&A: Advanced Home Defense Clearing Methods

JULY 2015 BONUS Chad Wade, Navy SEAL and 20-year Green Beret, Evan Hafer discuss: Advanced CQB: Advanced Home Defense Clearing Methods and Advanced Close Quarters Defense Tactics ***BTW, Evan is probably one...

READYMAN LIVE RAPID-FIRE Q&A: Pistol technique used by Navy SEALs

JULY 2015 "Point Shooting" the next phase of the Handgun craft. Where to go after successfully learning the basics.

READYMAN LIVE RAPID-FIRE Q&A – NVGs: What’s The Real Advantage?

April 2015 We covered three critical topics: 1. NVGs: What's The Real Advantage? What to get and how to use them. 2. Head Gear: How and why protecting your dome is critical....

READYMAN LIVE RAPID-FIRE Q&A: Surviving a knife attack

March 2015 We’ll be covering three critical topics: 1. Surviving a knife attack: Why a violent encounter with a knife is more likely and more dangerous than a firearm. 2....

READYMAN LIVE RAPID-FIRE Q&A w/ Jade Helm: Martial Law in the USA

May 2015 READYMAN Chad Wade will be reporting live from Texas, covering Jade Helm 15 and martial law in the USA, in addition to your Q&A's.