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ReadyMan Live – What Is The ReadyMan Challenge?

We sit down with Jason, Rory, and Josh to go over previous ReadyMan Challenges and announce a new upcoming ReadyMan Challenge!

ReadyMan Q&A – Myths About Prepper Ammo Rounds

In this Live Q&A show, Jeff Kirkham and Jason Ross break down some of the myths regarding popular ammo rounds for preppers

ReadyMen Q&A – Shooting Your Big Guns in the Real World

Jay, Josh and Jeff sit down and discuss the friendly competition they had, shooting on a dynamic rifle range. In this show, they break down some of the footage and...

ReadyMan Live – Riots at Berkeley

Vaughn NeVille (aka The Manspot) joins us on this live feed to discuss his recent visit to UC Berkeley and the riots that ensued

ReadyMan Live Q&A – Silver Better than Gold?

For this show, we have Shane Coles with PrepperTalk Radio on to discuss why you should be investing some of your money in silver

ReadyMan Q&A – Combating Modern Day Slavery

Hugh Vail with Operation Underground Railroad, is our special guest on this episode of the ReadyMan Q&A Show, where we discuss combating modern day slavery

ReadyMan Q&A – Real Fist Fights

In this Live Q&A Show, we analyze Josh's most recent fight by breaking down the key elements to winning a fist fight both in the cage and in the street.

ReadyMan Q&A – Prepping for a Fight

ReadyMan Josh talks about his preparations for his upcoming fight on April 21st, and explains the training and dieting protocols for a pro MMA fight

ReadyMan Q&A Show – Home Invasion

On this live show, ReadyMan Jason Ross recounts his bizarre experience of a home invasion, and how it did not go down anything like had expected

ReadyMen Q&A – Concealed Carry at a Traffic Stop

Josh from Badge Cams and Mark, a police officer with 19 years experience, go over exactly what someone that conceals should do at a traffic stop

ReadyMan Q&A Show – Modern Bushcraft History

On tonight's show, the ReadyMan crew sit down with resident bushcraft expert, Tyler White, to discuss the history of modern bushcraft

ReadyMan Q&A – Suppressors

Jeff and Jason are down at ReadyGunner, talking about everything you need to know about suppressors