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ReadyMan Live -Urban Winter Survival with a Summer Survival Kit

On this live feed, we take a jungle survival kit and find ways to use it for urban winter survival.

ReadyMan Live – 10 Deadly Bug Out Bag Mistakes

On this Live show, we go over 10 common mistakes that people make when building their bug out bags

ReadyMan Live – Wood Burning with Microwave Lightning

We bring in a licensed Electrician to help us take apart a microwave and use its step-up transformer to burn wood with electricity.

ReadyMan Live – Disaster Preparedness Checklist

In this special Live Feed, we go over the 6 Essential Items you should have on hand in the event of a disaster. We also go over the items you...

The New Bug-Out Bag Builder

It's here. The Bug Out Bag Builder. We've been working on this for a while, and are ready to show it off to you guys!

ReadyMan Live – Medieval Combat

We brought in Amy Graham, captain of the U.S Broadswords team and international competitor in medieval combat, to show us some weapons and techniques.

ReadyMan Live – CQB Without Bullets

28 year Special Forces veteran and former Green Beret, Jeff Kirkham, shows how to train for CQB in your home, without using bullets. With nothing but a plastic gun, you...

ReadyMan Live – Stopping Active Shooter Bullets

Dave Acosta of YouTactical joins us again, along with Tim Evancich, to bring you some more information on stopping/surviving an active shooter.

ReadyMan Live – Forging a Knife

Tonight's guest, Charly Mann of MannMadeKnives, goes over the basics of forging knives and shows off some of his DIY blacksmithing equipment

ReadyMan Live – Bomb Dogs

We bring on Belle and her owner Sam, to demonstrate a bomb dog at work. We planted several "explosives around the BRCC/Readyman Compound to put her skills to the test....

ReadyMan Live – Mystic Martial Arts

MMA Legend Jeremy Horn joins us to break down some popular videos that showcase Mystic Martial Arts being practiced in the real world.

ReadyMan Live – No ReadyMan Should Ever Drown

No ReadyMan should ever die of drowning. In this video, Jeff and Jason go over some swimming and water survival basics with Special Guest, Jess Hofherr