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ManHacks: DIY Mace

Here's a badass ManHack on how to make a DIY Mace out of a steel axle and a shot put

ManHacks: Tennis Ball Bola

Tired of people running away from you? Here's a DIY tennis ball bola you can make with some paracord and simple knots

ManHacks: Fidget Spinner for the Savage Gentleman

Before there were fidget spinners, there was the balisong. Stop playing with your kid's toys and pick up something a little more dangerous.

ManHacks – DIY Rubber Socks

Don't go walking through flaming shards of glass barefoot! Watch this video to learn how to make some rubber socks to protect those feet.

ManHacks: Cheat Pencil

If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'! Here's how to make a cheat pencil to help you ace that test or covertly pass along sensitive information

ManHacks: Rucksack Raft

Need an improved floatation device for your next river crossing? Try out this rucksack raft to help keep you afloat.

ManHacks: Morale Patch Notebook

Make your own notebook that can hold all your bad ass morale patches, using some automotive carpet, paper, and a sewing machine

ManHacks: Cutting String with String

Got yourself in a bind? Let ManHacks show you how to cut string using another string

ManHacks: Epipen Dose Hack

This ManHack shows you how to breakdown an epipen in order to get 3 doses out of it, instead of just one single use

ManHacks: Surprise Marker Weapon

Turning a harmless marker into a savage weapon, using an ordinary Expo marker, empty can, and a wood screw

ManHacks: Pill Bottle Fire Starter

Check out this handy fire starter kit, using a pill bottle, cotton balls, and some petroleum jelly.

ManHacks: Peanut Butter Candle

Making a candle out of natural peanut butter, cotton string, a glass jar, plastic spoon and a lighter