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ReadyMan Live – Forging a Knife

Tonight's guest, Charly Mann of MannMadeKnives, goes over the basics of forging knives and shows off some of his DIY blacksmithing equipment

ReadyMan Live – Mystic Martial Arts

MMA Legend Jeremy Horn joins us to break down some popular videos that showcase Mystic Martial Arts being practiced in the real world.

Sixty Second Self Defense – Back Escape

This video covers someone grabbing you from behind. Jeff and Josh demonstrate some back escape techniques which can also be used when standing, as well.

Sixty Second Self Defense – Escaping Side Control

Using the same motion of the hip escape or "shimping", this video shows how to get out of side control and back up to your feet

Sixty Second Self Defense – Shrimping (Hip Escape)

In the first part of this series, Josh and Jeff break down the hip escape or "shrimping", which is a foundational skill for self-defense

ReadyMan Live – Moving 50 Miles

Josh Tyler of Survival Fit comes on this episode of ReadyMan Live to discuss his recent 50 mile hike and we also go over some of our favorite gear, tips,...

ReadyMan Q&A – Real Fist Fights

In this Live Q&A Show, we analyze Josh's most recent fight by breaking down the key elements to winning a fist fight both in the cage and in the street.

ReadyMan Q&A – Prepping for a Fight

ReadyMan Josh talks about his preparations for his upcoming fight on April 21st, and explains the training and dieting protocols for a pro MMA fight

SurvivalFit – Top 3 Ab Movements Using Rings

Here are our top 3 ab movements that you can do using a pair of rings. These movements can also be done from a pull-up bar as well

SurvivalFit – The Layover Workout

Traveling sucks, especially if you have a layover. Here's a workout you can do to help pass the time, as well as loosen up after a long flight.

SurvivalFit – F.Y.L. Conditioning Circuit

This conditioning circuit will make you rethink all of your previous life choices. Give this workout a try if you really want to push yourself.

Women’s Self Defense – Creating Distance

Creating distance is one of the most important things to consider in a self defense situation. In this video, we go over a few ways to accomplish this with Megs...