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ReadyMan Live – CQB Without Bullets

28 year Special Forces veteran and former Green Beret, Jeff Kirkham, shows how to train for CQB in your home, without using bullets. With nothing but a plastic gun, you...

ReadyMan Live – No ReadyMan Should Ever Drown

No ReadyMan should ever die of drowning. In this video, Jeff and Jason go over some swimming and water survival basics with Special Guest, Jess Hofherr

ManHacks: DIY Mace

Here's a badass ManHack on how to make a DIY Mace out of a steel axle and a shot put

ReadyMan Q&A – Myths About Prepper Ammo Rounds

In this Live Q&A show, Jeff Kirkham and Jason Ross break down some of the myths regarding popular ammo rounds for preppers

Sixty Second Self Defense – Shrimping (Hip Escape)

In the first part of this series, Josh and Jeff break down the hip escape or "shrimping", which is a foundational skill for self-defense

ReadyMan Gear – Lock Blocker Instructional

Check out Jeff's latest invention, the Lock Blocker aka the Access Denial Card. This card is used to deny access to someone who has a key, but shouldn't.

Gear Review – BattlBox Tactical Pen

ReadyMan Jeff reviews the new tactical pen from our friends over at BattlBox. Not only does it make for a handy face-smasher, it actually writes well too! Get yours here

ReadyMan Live – Pistol Warm-Up and Low Light Shooting

On tonight's LIVE show, we are going over the essential pistol warm-up drill that you need to be doing to improve your accuracy with Special Guests: 801 Outlaw and Jeremy...

Foreign Object Removal Kit

We are happy to announce the addition of the TNT Medical - Foreign Object Removal Kit. In this video, Jeff Kirkham demonstrates how to use it to remove a foreign object Click...

Pistol Basics: Proper Grip

Jeff Kirkham is out at the range, teaching Heather Lynn some pistol basics. In this video, we go over the proper grip to improve accuracy and effectiveness.

Pistol Fitness—Lunges

Jeff has been incorporating firearms drills into his fitness routine for over 20 years. Here is a simple, yet effect, exercise anyone can do.

5 Things You Need To Know About The AK

One of the brightest mechanical engineers that I know once said to me “Any idiot can come up with a complicated solution to a problem. But it takes a genius...