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ReadyMan Live – CQB Without Bullets

28 year Special Forces veteran and former Green Beret, Jeff Kirkham, shows how to train for CQB in your home, without using bullets. With nothing but a plastic gun, you...

ReadyMan Live – Stopping Active Shooter Bullets

Dave Acosta of YouTactical joins us again, along with Tim Evancich, to bring you some more information on stopping/surviving an active shooter.

Flagrant HAVOC Knife Demo by Brad

ReadyMan Brad demonstrates the effectiveness of the Flagrant HAVOC knife on an unsuspecting rubber dummy

Javi 6 Studios – Escapes

This video covers how to escape an attacker when on the ground, using the straight arm, knee out technique

Javi 6 Studios – Animated Techniques: Hip Escapes/Shrimping

We've teamed up with Javi 6 Studios to help breakdown some of the essential movements for self-defense. This video goes over how to properly execute a hip escape, better known...

ReadyMan Live – Home Hallway Fighting with Jeremy Horn

Legendary MMA fighter Jeremy Horn and Josh Tyler go over how to apply cage fighting techniques to fighting in a hallway or other confined space.

Women’s Self Defense – Creating Distance

Creating distance is one of the most important things to consider in a self defense situation. In this video, we go over a few ways to accomplish this with Megs...

ManHacks: Hard Drive Hack

When you spend over 14 years operating in hostile territory you learn a trick or two. Here's one.

Dark Combat—ReadyMan Challenge 7

We told 12 guys to grab their guns out of their safe as they were and we put them to the test in the dark of night. Unless you're shooting...

ManHacks: Heavy Zip Tie Escape

Jeff gives a simple demonstration on how to escape heavy zip ties. Using a piece of string as a friction device, it's a whole lot easier than you would think.

Stopping Bullets with Our Minds

Testing our D.I.Y. Marble Armor with different calibers & platforms in slow motion & real time.

ISIS Propaganda—Video Breakdown

In their latest propaganda, "No Respite," ISIS ups their ante on recruiting with a well produced video targeting not only individuals but nations. Jeff Kirkham has over 20 years of...