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ReadyMan Live -Urban Winter Survival with a Summer Survival Kit

On this live feed, we take a jungle survival kit and find ways to use it for urban winter survival.

ReadyMan Gear – Lock Blocker Instructional

Check out Jeff's latest invention, the Lock Blocker aka the Access Denial Card. This card is used to deny access to someone who has a key, but shouldn't.

Gear Review – BattlBox Tactical Pen

ReadyMan Jeff reviews the new tactical pen from our friends over at BattlBox. Not only does it make for a handy face-smasher, it actually writes well too! Get yours here

Gear Review – Titan Stormproof Matches

ReadyMen Josh and Rory try out the Titan Stormproof Match in the snow, and put their name to the test! Click here to check them out in out store!

Dark Metal Fabrication – Carlock Overview

In this video, Dark Metal Fabrication reviews the Carlock onboard gps and diagnostics tracker, for improving the security on your vehicle.

ReadyMan Live : BattlBox Mission 18 – Fishing Box

The BattlBox Mission 18 Fishing Box just arrived, so we are going to put it's contents to the test! Walton's Thumb Fisherman's Multi-Tool Rapala 6" fillet knife Sapsucker Lures 1.5"...

How To Pick A Lock – Acrylic Training Lock Tutorial

ReadyMan Rory demonstrates how to pick a lock using the Hostage Escape Card and the Acrylic Training Lock.  

Using the ReadyMan Survival Stove With Tyler White

Tyler White demonstrates how to use the ReadyMan Survival Stove to boil and purify water in the Amazon jungles of Columbia

ReadyMan LIVE—Law Enforcement EDC

Zack with the Utah Unified Police Dept. stopped by ReadyMan HQ to give the guys a run down on what he carries everyday, on his person and in his vehicle.

Vehicle Go-Bag

In any survival situation — no matter the season — the absolute most important thing you can do is stay calm. This will enable you to think clearly and make...

Complete Tire Repair Kit—100 Things You Forgot

In the apocalypse few things will be as valuable as bullets and gas, and gas does you know good if your vehicle is inoperable. So you better have multiple ways...

Range Bag Selection and Preparation

There's a million combinations for your range bag, or maybe you don't have one yet. Evan has spent more time on the range than most of us have spent awake....