Tyler White Bushcraft Skills

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The Proper Weight Loading and Selection of a Back Pack

Tyler White covers what you need to look at when selecting a backpack as well as the the proper weight loading when packing it.

Tatton Baird Hatters – Part 1

Tyler White stops by Tatton Baird Hatters to see how a beaver pelt is turned into a custom hat

How To Use a Signal Mirror

Tyler White demonstrates how to use the signal mirror in his Wazoo Belt for signaling an aircraft, in the case of a survival situation.

Canoeing and Paddle Strokes

Tyler White demonstrates how to properly enter and maneuver a canoe using a variety of different paddle strokes

Tyler White – Wilderness Survival

Simply put, survival is just the act of not dying. However, there are many ways in which this can be accomplished, and Tyler White shows a few in this video

Minimalist Desert EDC Carry Solutions

Tyler White was recently out in the American Southwest camping for a few days. In this video, he shows the Desert EDC that he used.

Choosing an EDC Gun

Tyler White is at ReadyGunner, going over how to best choose a gun for everyday carry

Picking The Ultimate Survival Gun

Tyler White heads down to ReadyGunner to take a look at the different options available for choosing the right survival gun

Primitive Skills Panel Interview at PrepperCon 2017

Interviewing Nicole and Alan from Alone season 1 and 2, alongside Dave Wescott, and Dave Holladay at PrepperCon 2017

Tyler White – Traditional Flint and Steel with Punk Wood

Tyler White shows how to use traditional flint and steel to make fire with punk wood to receive the sparks and hold the ember

ReadyMan Knots – The Adjustable Grapevine

Tyler White shows how to tie an adjustable grapevine or double fisherman's bend, a compact and reliable knot, suitable for use when retrieving an abseil

ReadyMan Knots: The Clove Hitch

Tyler White shows how to tie an essential survival and everyday knot, the clove hitch