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Scout Skills: Camping Badge Requirements – Tips, Tricks, and Discussion

Tyler White goes over some tips and tricks for meeting the Camping Badge requirements

Scout Skills: Fitting Backpacks and Rucks

Tyler White goes over the often overlooked scout skill of properly fitting backpacks or rucks, to ensure a comfortable hike

Scout Skills: Photography – Part 2

In the second part of this series, Tyler White and Rex Allen go over the necessary skills required for photography.

Scout Skills: Photography – Part 1

In this video, we cover equipment selection and lens differences and hardware configurations with Tyler White and Rex Allen from Allen's Photography

The Proper Weight Loading and Selection of a Back Pack

Tyler White covers what you need to look at when selecting a backpack as well as the the proper weight loading when packing it.

Canoeing and Paddle Strokes

Tyler White demonstrates how to properly enter and maneuver a canoe using a variety of different paddle strokes

ReadyMan Knots – The Adjustable Grapevine

Tyler White shows how to tie an adjustable grapevine or double fisherman's bend, a compact and reliable knot, suitable for use when retrieving an abseil

ReadyMan Knots: The Clove Hitch

Tyler White shows how to tie an essential survival and everyday knot, the clove hitch

ReadyMan Knots – The Water Knot

The water knot is commonly used in climbing and rescue scenarios and can be used to join to pieces of webbing together to make a sling or harness

ReadyMan Knots – The Mast Head/Jury Knot

Tyler White shows how to make a mast head or jury knot, which is especially useful when lashing poles together to make a teepee or similar structure

The Prusik Knot System

The Prusik Knot is a friction hitch or knot used to attach a loop of cord around a rope, commonly usedĀ for climbing, but has many other applications as well

Whipping a Rope End

Tyler White goes over whipping a rope end, and shows how this technique can be used to attach fletchings to an atalatl dart.