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ReadyMan: Scenario Series – EMP 2

ReadyMan Scenario EMP 2 focuses on your plans and preparations after you make it home to your family. Will you bug out, or bug in?

How to Tie The Yukon Blanket Pack

Here's how to tie a Yukon Blanket Pack to carry your gear. All you need is a durable blanket or tarp, about 30ft of rope, and a scarf

ReadyMan: Scenario Series – EMP

This first scenario is centered around an EMP blast occurring while you are out on the road and your family is still at home. Using only what is in your...

ReadyMan: Scenario Series – Intro

ReadyMan Member Dustin has come up with a video challenge to test members' preparedness for different survival or SHTF scenarios

Flagrant HAVOC Knife Demo by Brad

ReadyMan Brad demonstrates the effectiveness of the Flagrant HAVOC knife on an unsuspecting rubber dummy

Member Submissions: 3 Pig Snares and How to Set Them

ReadyMan Members Robert Tyler and Shane Roberts sent in this video showing how to set 3 different kinds of pig snares