Kyle Lamb Shooting Drills

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Kyle Lamb – Rifle Reload

Kyle Lamb discusses and demonstrates the technique for performing a faster rifle reload

Kyle Lamb – Rifle Bullets to the Rear

Kyle Lamb explains why you should carry your rifle bullets facing to the rear in your magazine pouch, for faster and more reliable reloads

Kyle Lamb – Locking Bolt to the Rear with One Hand

Kyle Lamb demonstrates how to lock your bolt to the rear on an AR-15, using only one hand

Kyle Lamb – Recoil Control

Kyle Lamb talks about how to manage recoil in order to shoot faster

Kyle Lamb – Concealed Carry Draw

Kyle Lamb covers how to draw you firearm from a concealed carry position

Kyle Lamb – Reloads

Kyle Lambs explains and demonstrates how he reloads his pistol for maximum efficiency

Kyle Lamb – Proper Buttstock Length

Kyle Lamb goes over how to determine and set up the ideal buttstock length for an AR-15

Kyle Lamb – How Much Trigger Finger

Kyle Lamb answers the age old question of "How much finger should I place on the trigger?"

Kyle Lamb – Pistol Grip: Support Side Hand Placement

Kyle Lamb shows how to properly grip a pistol with your support side hand, to help increase the speed of getting back on target for follow-up shots

Kyle Lamb – Support Side Safety

Kyle Lamb goes over how to disengage and engage the safety when running a carbine on your support side.

Kyle Lamb – Mounting the Carbine

Kyle Lamb goes over how to properly mount a carbine to improve your draw time

Keeping Your Sights on Target in Position 3

Kyle Lamb gives some tactical tips on how to keep your sights on target when shooting from Position 3