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ReadyMan Knots -The West Country Shear Lashing

The Shear Lashing is used for lashing together two parallel spars which will be opened out of the parallel to form sheer legs.

ReadyMan Knots – Sheepshank Knot

The Sheepshank is most commonly used to shorten a rope, but it is not a stable knot and can fall apart quickly with the interruption of tension on the knot.

ReadyMan Knots – The Carrick Knot

The Carrick Knot is used for joining very heavy rope or cable that is too large and stiff to easily be formed into other common bends.

ReadyMan Knots – The Double Sheet Bend

Tyler White shows how to tie a double sheet bend, which is stronger than a Square knot or even a Sheet bend. It is a good choice for tying two...

ReadyMan Knots – The Sheet Bend

Tyler White shows how to tie the sheet bend, or weaver's knot, which is widely used by sailors for uniting two ropes of different sizes.

ReadyMan Knots – The Handcuff Knot

Tyler White teaches how to make a handcuff knot, which is a knot tied in the bight having two adjustable loops in opposing directions, and is able to be tightened...

ReadyMan Knots – X Lashing

The X Lashing is a useful way to bind two poles together. Tyler White demonstrates how to tie one and also shows some ancient applications of this knot.

ReadyMan Knots – The Swiss Seat

Tyler White shows how to make a Swiss seat or rappel seat, which is commonly used as an emergency rappelling harness.

ReadyMan Knots – The Butterfly Knot

Tyler White shows how to tie a butterfly knot or lineman's loop which is used to form a fixed loop in the middle of a rope, and is especially useful...

ReadyMan Knots – The Figure Eight

Tyler White demonstrates how to tie The Figure Eight or "Flemish Blend"  to form a secure, non-slip loop at the end of a rope. It is the most widely used...

ReadyMan Knots – The Z Drag

Tyler White demonstrates the Z drag or "poor man's come along", often used in whitewater rescue and is used primarily for the recovery of pinned boats

ReadyMan Knots – The Adjustable Grapevine

Tyler White shows how to tie an adjustable grapevine or double fisherman's bend, a compact and reliable knot, suitable for use when retrieving an abseil