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The New Bug-Out Bag Builder

It's here. The Bug Out Bag Builder. We've been working on this for a while, and are ready to show it off to you guys!

ReadyMan Live – What Is The ReadyMan Challenge?

We sit down with Jason, Rory, and Josh to go over previous ReadyMan Challenges and announce a new upcoming ReadyMan Challenge!

ReadyMan Live – No ReadyMan Should Ever Drown

No ReadyMan should ever die of drowning. In this video, Jeff and Jason go over some swimming and water survival basics with Special Guest, Jess Hofherr

ReadyMan Q&A – Myths About Prepper Ammo Rounds

In this Live Q&A show, Jeff Kirkham and Jason Ross break down some of the myths regarding popular ammo rounds for preppers

ReadyMan Q&A Show – Home Invasion

On this live show, ReadyMan Jason Ross recounts his bizarre experience of a home invasion, and how it did not go down anything like had expected

Dark Combat—ReadyMan Challenge 7

We told 12 guys to grab their guns out of their safe as they were and we put them to the test in the dark of night. Unless you're shooting...

Complete Tire Repair Kit—100 Things You Forgot

In the apocalypse few things will be as valuable as bullets and gas, and gas does you know good if your vehicle is inoperable. So you better have multiple ways...

ReadyMan: Backpacking Mushroom Foraging and Fishing in Yellowstone

ReadyMen Jayson Ross, Will & Dan adventure into Yellowstone for a backpacking-mushroom hunt and fishing trip. Full of ups downs, quick tips, nuggets of knowledge and great insight. This camping...

Killing Stuff to Eat

Butchering a cow and processing its harvest along with butchering a lamb's bounty.

ReadyMan Polypropylene Socks Review

ReadyMan cadre Jayson and Chad backpack through Yellowstone in some PolyPro socks and give you their first hand review and edit of the socks in action!

El Cheapo Ultra-Light AR-15

We tapped our resident cheap-ologist, and armorer, Jim Corn, to show us the way -- to lead us to the Ultra-cheap Ultra-Light AR-15 and Jim comes through!

Big Knives vs. Big Egos: 5 Knife Reviews For Real World Use

In this training, you'll discover why most knives are crap in a real survival situation. And of course, we'll show you the knives that will save your life instead. They...