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ReadyMan Live- Indoor Sporting Clay Range

Live from TNT Guns & Range with Jeff and Rory shooting sporting clays at their indoor range.

ReadyMan Live – CCW for Women

In this weeks live video, special guest Second Amendment Mommy stops by to go over women's CCW considerations and test out RE Factor Tactical Targets.

ReadyMan First Look at the Remington RP9 Pistol

ReadyMan Rory McCarthy and Dillon from Remington Firearms give us an exclusive first look at the new RP9 pistol which is available in 9mm and 45 cal.

Complete Guide To Concealed Carry Holsters

When it comes to concealed carry there are a lot of options and one size (or style) doesn't fit all. Jeff and Evan with the ReadyMan crew breakdown carry preferences...

ReadyMan Live : Deliberate Dynamics CQB Recap

Recently, The ReadyMan Team had the opportunity to take a CQB course with Deliberate Dynamics. In this video, Jason, Jeff and Rory go over what they learned and smash some...

Pistol Basics: Proper Grip

Jeff Kirkham is out at the range, teaching Heather Lynn some pistol basics. In this video, we go over the proper grip to improve accuracy and effectiveness.

ReadyMan Live: AK vs. AR

Jason and Jeff answer the great modern day firearms debate. What's better? The AK or AR and which rifle is better from a prepper's perspective.

ReadyMan LIVE—Law Enforcement EDC

Zack with the Utah Unified Police Dept. stopped by ReadyMan HQ to give the guys a run down on what he carries everyday, on his person and in his vehicle.

Dark Combat—ReadyMan Challenge 7

We told 12 guys to grab their guns out of their safe as they were and we put them to the test in the dark of night. Unless you're shooting...

100 Things You Forgot—Gun Belt

The gun belt, or “battle belt” as the SOF boys call it, carries everything you need for some light gunfighting. Or an afternoon at the range.

The Handicapable Shooter

Everyone deserves the right to defend themselves and their family. If you are a paraplegic that involves completely relearning (or learning) a whole new way to shoot. For the ReadyMan...

Range Bag Selection and Preparation

There's a million combinations for your range bag, or maybe you don't have one yet. Evan has spent more time on the range than most of us have spent awake....