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Dr. Chad Adams – Thoracic and Lumbar Spine CAR’s

In this video, Dr. Chad teaches you how to do Controlled Articular Rotations for both the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine, to help you improve your mobility.

Dr. Chad Adams – Cervical CARS

Dr. Chad goes over how to do cervical CARS to help improve mobility of the neck and cervical spine

Dr. Chad Adams – Loaded Scapular CARS

Dr. Chad Adams shows a progression of loaded scapular CARS to improve the overall health of the scapula, correct posture, and reduce injury

Dr. Chad – Scapular CARS

Dr. Chad goes over the shoulder blade or scapula, and demonstrates how to improve scapular stability through the use of CARS

Dr. Chad Adams – Kinstretch for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Dr. Chad goes over the practical application of kinstretch and demonstrates when and how it relates to grappling and mma

Dr. Chad Adams: Shoulder Extension – PAILS and RAILS

Dr. Chad goes over more shoulder mobility movements, focusing specifically on shoulder extension with PAILS and RAILS.

Dr. Chad Adams – Isometric Contractions

Dr. Chad Adams goes over two different methods of isometric contractions with both P.A.I.L.s and R.A.I.L.s

Dr. Chad Adams – Shoulder Mobility

Dr. Chad goes over some movements to help improve shoulder mobility for drawing and shooting a firearm.

Dr. Chad Adams – Chirofusion Introduction

Dr. Chad Adams introduces himself and gives an overview of Chirofusion and Kinstretch, and how they help improve movement and mobility.

Readyman Live: Gunfighter Mobility with Dr. Chad Adams

Dr. Chad goes over some essential movements that you can do to gain mobility and become a better gunfighter.